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    Single trip policies


    You have 2 types of travel insurance to choose from: single or annual multi-trip.

    Read on if you have specific questions about a single trip travel insurance policy.

    Age limit for a single trip policy

    For AllClear Gold and Gold Plus policies, there is no upper or lower age limit.

    For AllClear Traveller, the age limit for a single trip is 85 years.

    By entering your date of birth and running through a quote using our three step quote process, you will only be shown policies which can cover you.

    When cover starts

    To get a single trip policy you’ll need to specify the date you will be departing, and returning from your holiday destination. Primarily, your cover begins when you start your journey. However, there is one exception. Your cancellation cover starts as soon as you buy your policy.  So it is important to buy your travel insurance as early as possible – or as soon as you have your trip booked. You can book a single trip policy up to 12 months in advance.