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    How can we help you if you are experiencing vulnerability?

    It is our paramount priority that whenever a form of vulnerability is identified or suspected, the safety of the customer and their family is protected. We have established internal policies and training appropriate for customer services representatives to:

    a. identify if a customer may be vulnerable;
    b. decide about how best, and to what extent, they can support a vulnerable customer;
    c. take account of a customer’s particular needs or vulnerability; and
    d. engage with a vulnerable customer with sensitivity, dignity, respect and compassion — this may include arranging additional support, for example, referring the customer to people or services with specialist training and experience, or arranging access to financial hardship support.

    Additionally we have created a specialised team called ‘Extra Care Team’ for each stream of our customer service (sales and service, claims, internal dispute resolution areas) who can help with your needs and give you extra comfort when you are dealing with us.

    What support can you get from us if you are experiencing vulnerability?

    You will have access to our ‘Extra Care Teams’ specialised in sales and service, claims, internal dispute resolution, specifically trained to support Customers experiencing vulnerability with ‘extra care’ and ‘flexibility’, please just tell us about your needs when you contact us either by phone or by email.
    At your request:

    · We can provide information about our services in different languages.
    · You can write to us in your preferred language and we will have your correspondence translated.
    · We can arrange for our correspondence to be translated into your preferred language.

    What are the accessible services for people with permanent or temporary hearing impairments, speech impairments or any form of limitations to make and receive phone calls?

    We have made some services available and accessible for people who have permanent or temporary hearing impairments, speech impairments or any form of limitations to make and receive phone calls.

    1. TTY (Speak and Read, Type and Read, and Type and Listen)
    This is a teletypewriter service where you can speak or type your message, with options to read or listen our responses.
    Dial 133 677 then ask for AllClear Number

    2. Voice Relay
    This is a speak-and-listen relay service for people who have speech limitations to use the phone.
    Dial 1300 555 727 then ask for AllClear Number

    3. SMS Relay
    This is a SMS relay service where you can text on any type of mobile phone, with options to read or listen our responses.
    Text 0423 677 767 then ask for AllClear Number

    For more information, please visit National Relay Service (NRS) website.

    How can we help customers experiencing financial hardship?

    If you tell us, or we identify, that you are experiencing Financial Hardship, we can consider:

    · Fast-tracked assessment of a claim
    · Gran a provisional cover
    · Advancing indemnity funds to you
    · Paying a reduced lump sum regarding a recovery from you or excess
    · Where applicable offer instalment payments, delay or extent payment terms
    · Deduct excess from a claim amount (cash settlement), or waive it
    · Give you access to the financial hardship support team to work on options with you to reduce your financial stress

    How can you apply for Financial Hardship Support from us?

    If you have any question about Financial Hardship, please send us an email at [email protected], call us on Phone (within Australia): 02 9333 3999 or Phone (outside Australia): +61 2 9333 3999 and just ask for help on Financial Hardship situation.
    If you want to apply for financial hardship assistance, please call us on numbers above.
    Also note that we may ask you to send us additional information about your financial situation as part of your application. These documents will help us determine the best way to support you (and your family).
    What other resources can you consider for Financial Hardship support?

    Here there are free and confidential financial counselling resources that can provide advice to Australians in every state and territory:

    · National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007
    · ASIC MoneySmart website
    · Government financial information services
    · Government crisis payment