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    General quote problems


    This help article is designed to help you if the system will not let you proceed through the quote journey. Find the section where you are stuck below, and read our helpful tips.

    If you have questions about what you need to declare in your quote, then visit this help article: What you need to declare.

    If you want to find out what’s covered in your quote, then visit this help topic: What is covered.

    If you want to find out how far in advance you can get a quote, then look at this help article.

    Single/annual multi- trip and destination issues

    The system will not accept the country you have entered

    Please try to enter the first 3-4 letters of the countries name. It will then appear in a drop-down list for you to choose from. Once you have clicked on the destination, its name will appear highlighted in a grey box, with a minus sign beside it. This is your destination selected. Clicking on the minus sign will only remove the destination.

    The system will not let you enter your a return date on your single trip policy

    You may have entered the date incorrectly; please check the dates are correct.

    Problems selecting your destination(s)

    When you have selected your destination it will be highlighted in grey below this sentence: ‘You have selected the following countries.’

    If any of your destinations do not appear on the initial panel, you will need to select the option of ‘Other’ – located furthest right. Then you will need to enter the name of your destination in the search box, and select it from the drop-down menu.

    Please note, if you are travelling to more than one destination you will need to enter each country individually.

    Medical warranty issues

    You can’t proceed past the medical warranty section…

    You must answer the medical warranty questions in full before you can continue.

    Once you have completed this section, please select ‘Continue’. You’ll then be asked to declare any medical conditions for you and any other travellers that you want to be named on the policy.

    Medical condition issues

    Your medical condition is not listed on your quote

    If your condition has not appeared it unfortunately means that it hasn’t been added.

    Under the medical declaration page you will need to enter the name of your condition and select ‘Search’. The condition will then appear on the list below for you to select.

    Once selected you will be asked some medical questions in relation to it; when complete you can select ‘Add condition’ and it will be added to your list of conditions.

    If you can't enter more than one condition

    Medical conditions must be declared one at a time.

    Please click the ‘Add a condition’ button and search for one condition and then answer the questions. You will then click the button to ‘Add this condition’.

    This will bring you back to the ‘Traveller’s medical conditions’ page, and you can add another condition, and so on, until all conditions are added.

    You're being asked the same questions about a condition

    Often questions can link medical conditions together.

    If you’re asked questions about a condition already declared, please select the Already declared answer.

    This will prevent the same questions from being asked again, and avoid duplication.

    The video below shows an example of this step.

    For more help on declaring your medical conditions

    To find further guides on how to declare your conditions, visit our help section dedicated to it: Your medical conditions.

    Message keeps popping up asking you to contact AllClear

    To help us provide you with a quote, we sometimes need to speak to you to get more details. When this message arrives, you can contact us on +61 2 9333 3923.

    Error messages

    Error messages can appear when you have entered details that we cannot provide cover for. Please check the following:

    • The maximum duration of your holiday on a single trip policy can not be more than 92 days.

    • You can not enter more than 15 medical conditions online. If you have more than 15 conditions to enter, please call us on +61 2 9333 3923.

    • Make sure all information has been entered in the required fields.

    If after checking the above information on your quote you’re still stuck, please contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

    System will not provide you with a quote

    You have been able to enter all of your travel plans and medical conditions, but the system still won’t provide you with a quote

    This is generally because your specific circumstances require authorisation from the Underwriter to offer cover.  In these instances, please  contact our Call Centre on +61 2 9333 3923 so we can discuss the options available to you.


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