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    Main benefits, exclusions and excesses


    If you would like to focus on enjoying your holiday then travel insurance for pre-existing conditions can help you. We’re here to help you find a policy which best suits your needs.

    Read on for information on the main benefits and exclusions of our specialist travel insurance.

    We have separate help articles for cancellation and 24h emergency medical support.

    Per person

    All benefits are per person named on the policy

    Medical emergency expenses and repatriation

    What is repatriation?

    Repatriation is the arrangement of specialist medical transport to take you home following medical treatment abroad. Repatriation is covered under all policies.

    Do the policies include 24h emergency medical support?

    All of our policies offer this facility. Full details can be found in the individual policy wordings. We will also send these details out to you via email and/or post when you buy your policy.

    If you require emergency assistance please call +61 2 9333 3922.

    For claims please contact [email protected].

    Are you covered to use private facilities abroad or only entitled to use state treatment?

    For any policy, you will need to contact the Medical Emergency Assistance Service if you need in or out patient treatment – or as soon as you’re hospitalised. Private hospitals are not automatically excluded from cover, but some providers will not cover costs of private medical treatment unless they have specifically authorised it. It is always best to check your policy wording to understand exactly what your policy provider requires of you, to ensure your hospital bills will be covered in these circumstances.

    What is the Medical incovenience benefit?

    This pays a fixed amount for each 24 hour period spent as an inpatient overseas. It’s designed to help compensate you for expenses that might arise while in hospital e.g. taxi fares for companions. Most policies include a Medical inconvenience benefit, however, be sure your preferred policy suits your needs by checking the full terms here: Individual policy wordings.

    Is dental care covered?

    Yes our policies include cover for emergency dental treatment (for pain relief only).

    Personal public liability and Personal accident cover

    What is Personal public liability?

    Personal public liability cover provides protection against your legal costs and legal liability (up to a specified amount). It is for damages caused by an accident during your trip which lead to a claim against you for accidental bodily injury; loss or damage to property which doesn’t belong to you; or damage to your temporary holiday accommodation.

    What is personal accident cover?

    Personal accident cover is designed to pay a lump-sum due to a personal injury or death, resulting from an accident. It can also pay daily benefits due to hospitalisation resulting in an overnight stay.


    The levels of benefit and cover vary with each provider.

    To find out specific cover levels, simply run through a quote using our straightforward quote process.

    If you are taking part in certain activities, there may be limitations in the personal public liability cover – find out more.


    What is an excess?

    A travel insurance excess is the amount you will pay out of your own pocket before the insurer starts to pay for the rest of the claim.

    All excesses are per person named on the policy.

    The insurance provider will deduct the policy excess from a claim or collect the excess from the policyholder directly. It’s a good idea to check the policy excess on your documents so that you know exactly how much you would have to pay in the event of a claim.

    Coach / driving trips cover

    Yes, all our insurance providers cover coach and driving trips.

    Other exclusions

    All our policies will include a set of general exclusions as well as policy specific exclusions. If you have a specific area of concern, then we recommend you check the policy wording. The easiest way to do this is to run through our straightforward quote process. When you reach the end of the process you’ll be able to compare the policies and check all exclusions before you buy.

    If you still need further help, please contact us on +61 2 9333 3923. 

    Can you view the benefits and exclusions of a particular policy before you buy?

    Yes, you can view the benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions of all our  policies. At the end of your quote you’ll also be given a policy summary.