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    General problems getting through the medical section


    This article helps you if you get stuck using the online system when going through the medical screening. This is where you declare your medical conditions and answer the related questions.

    If you have more general questions about what you need to declare then this help article should be useful.   If you’re having difficulty finding your condition, then our article on Finding your medical conditions should help you.

    If you would like to edit your quote, for example, to add a medical condition, then please read this help article.

    Please note, this help article can help you with the process of ‘how’ to declare your medical conditions but we’ll be unable to confirm whether the medical condition is correct or any of the answers are correct. You would need to refer to your doctor if you are unsure in these areas.

    What is medical screening?

    Medical screening is a sequence of simple questions relating to your declared medical conditions that you’re required to answer when buying travel insurance.

    You’ll be required to complete the medical screening process when obtaining a quote via our website or verbally over the telephone when purchasing via our Contact Centre.

    Declaring medical conditions online

    How do you declare a medical condition online?

    Begin the quote process, complete your trip and personal details and select ‘continue’.

    Under the Traveller’s medical condition page, you’ll be asked to declare all pre-existing conditions.

    • Select 'add condition'.

    • Please enter the name of the condition into the search bar and select 'Search'; the condition will appear on a list below for you to select.

    • You will then be asked some questions about your specific medical condition. Once you have answered these you'll have declared your condition and any quote you're offered will cover you for that condition.

    If you went past the medical declaration page and you want to get back to it, please select ‘Edit quote’. This will return you to the first page and you can continue through to the medical declaration page.

    The system asks: ‘Is any further treatment planned for this condition?’

    If you’re aware that you require treatment for a condition and have a date/appointment or are on a waiting list for it, you will need to include this when answering this question.

    Unsure how to answer a specific question

    If you are unsure how to answer a question please confirm this with your doctor. If you are unsure what the question is asking, our customer service team can assist you on +61 2 9333 3923. 

    Medical condition being duplicated on the system

    Why is your medical condition being duplicated on the system?

    Often the questions can medical conditions together. If you’re being asked the same questions about a condition, please select the answer Already declared. This will prevent the same questions from being asked and avoid duplication.

    Exceeding the number of conditions you can declare

    What if you need cover for more than 14 medical conditions?

    The maximum number of conditions you can declare online is 14. If you have declared 15 or more medical conditions, please contact us. We will then be able to help you in continuing with your quote.

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