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    How to renew your policy

    Introduction to buying another policy

    For our policies, you will need to access your customer login via this website to get a new quote.

    Can you re-use the medical declaration from your previous travel insurance policy?

    You’ll need to complete a new medical declaration for each travel policy you take out with us. We understand that this can be a little frustrating having to redeclare medical conditions when getting a new quote.

    But this is because our medical condition question sets are reviewed and amended regularly in line with medical science progress. This means the questions you answered on your last policy may have subsequently been amended, deleted or added to and will therefore not be the same as in your last declaration.

    So we ask that you get a new quote to ensure we have accurate and up-to-date information to make sure you will be fully covered.

    When you can buy another policy

    You can buy another policy up to 31 days in advance of the expiry date.

    Your premium is higher than last year

    When calculating the price of a quote, the Underwriter primarily takes into consideration the following: the likelihood of your medical conditions requiring treatment whilst abroad; the health care costs of your chosen destination and its distance from Australia should repatriation be needed; and lastly the level of benefits being offered to you.

    If none of the above factors have changed, then the price increase could simply be that you are a year older – or a change of rating in our quote system.

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