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    What you need to declare during the quote process


    If you’re at the stage where you’re now looking to declare your medical conditions, this section should help you with any questions you might have.

    These are genuine questions that have been asked by customers during the quote journey. It covers everything from what procedures you need to declare, to voluntary or compulsory hospital admissions. For frequently asked questions on specific medical conditions, just check out our tips.

    If you’re having issues getting to the end of the quote journey, then you might find this help article useful: Helping you through the medical section of the quote journey.

    If you’re having difficulty finding the medical condition you want to declare then look at our article: How to find the medical condition you want to declare

    If you want to know about declaring your medication, please see this help article: What medication do you need to declare

    If you have an undiagnosed medical condition, please read this article: Declaring undiagnosed conditions 

    Declare your conditions, not your symptoms

    You will only ever need to declare the name of your diagnosed medical condition. The screening questions may then ask you about your symptoms.

    If you are experiencing symptoms, but your condition has not yet been diagnosed, look at our help article on undiagnosed conditions.

    Do you fill in your current state of health, or how things will be at the time of your trip?

    Please answer the questions with information that is accurate at the time of buying your travel insurance.

    However, if your state of health changes after buying your policy, you will need to notify us.

    Selecting some medical conditions to be covered and not others

    You need to declare all medical conditions which fall inside of the medical warranty. You cannot choose to declare some medical conditions and not others.  You can find the medical warranty at the start of the quote process.

    Do you have to include a medical condition that doesn't affect you?

    Yes, you’ll need to declare all medical conditions which fall inside of the medical warranty. You could find a condition which is well managed and controlled when you are at home, could possibly cause you problems when you are away. So it’s important to make sure that you are fully covered for all eventualities.

    Declare a condition which you do not have medication for

    Do you need to declare a condition which you do not have medication for/ no longer take medication for?

    You’ll need to declare any medical condition which falls inside of the medical warranty, even if the condition has been treated and you no longer have medication for it.

    It is possible you have had a medical condition that you no longer suffer from but it is on the list of medical conditions that simply must be declared.

    Declaring procedures, hospital visits and one off episodes

    Overall, you need to declare your medical condition rather than any particular treatment it was for. Then the questions you are asked about your medical condition may also include questions relating to the treatment you have had.

    Please note, you cannot buy medical travel insurance while you are in hospital, this is because you must be ‘fit to travel’.

    Do you need to declare a procedure you are waiting for?

    As you have not yet had the procedure, you will need to declare the medical condition which you are waiting a procedure for. You will then just answer the medical questions relating to this medical condition.

    Do you need to declare a voluntary hospital admission if the question asks about compulsory admissions?

    No, if the question specifies ‘Compulsory’ you’ll not need to include a voluntary hospital admission.

    Do you class attending A&E as an admission?

    No, we do not class attending A&E as an admission. We class an admission as being admitted to a ward or provided a bed.

    Do you need to declare a one-off episode?

    Yes, you’ll need to declare a one-off episode if it’s for a diagnosed medical condition. You must declare all medical conditions which fall inside the medical warranty.

    If the one-off episode is for an undiagnosed condition which you are under investigation for we cannot offer cover.

    If the one-off episode is for a condition on a current policy you will need to let us know as this would be classed as a change in state of health.

    How do you declare that you use a catheter?

    You will not need to declare that you use a catheter separately.

    However, you will need to declare the medical condition for which you require the catheter.

    Is an investigatory procedure classed as surgery?

    An investigatory procedure is regarded as one of observation, and can also be referred to as a ‘scan.’

    If you are unsure what the  purpose of your procedure was, and whether your medical records note it as scan, test or observation – rather than surgery – it is best to consult your Doctor.

    However, whether an investigatory procedure or surgical, you firstly only need to declare the medical condition for which they were required. Depending upon which medical condition it is, will determine if questions are asked about the event.


    All your test/scans were negative, what do you need to declare?

    If the tests/scans were as part of a routine check you will not need to declare this.

    If the tests/scans were to investigate symptoms and a cause has not yet been found, this would be classed as undiagnosed which unfortunately means that we would be unable to provide cover at this time. Please come back to get a quote once you have a diagnosis.

    Do you need to declare a condition which was incorrectly diagnosed?

    If your condition was misdiagnosed and is not something you’re living with, you won’t need to declare it.

    You will, however, need to declare the correct diagnosis for the condition.

    Private medical treatment

    You’re seeing a consultant privately,  do you still need to include the visits?

    Yes, as you have seen a consultant you would need to include this when completing your quote.

    Declaring drug/alcohol related conditions

    Do you need to declare a drug or alcohol related medical condition?

    Yes, any pre-existing medical condition must be declared during the quote process.