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    Annual multi-trip policies

    Annual multi-trip policies: What you need to know

    This article will tell you about how to purchase, and amend an annual multi-trip policy, and importantly, what it covers you for.

    You can find out more information on the benefits of annual multi-trip travel insurance here.

    This help article might be useful if, once you have bought your annual multi-trip policy, you want to upgrade your region of cover. 

    Length of each trip on annual-multi trip policies

    Below is a list of each annual multi-trip policies’ maximum trip duration.  You can also find the products single trip limit for further comparison.

    The following abbreviations are used:

    maximum single trip duration – Max. ST duration.

    Maximum annual multi-trip duration – Max. AMT duration.


    [table id=11 /]

    Please be aware

    Travelling for longer than your policy allows can invalidate a claim.

    Frequently asked questions about annual multi-trip policies

    Can you purchase an annual multi-trip policy which covers your pre-existing medical conditions?

    Yes you can. In fact, every policy we offer will cover your pre-existing medical conditions.

    Furthermore, due to each provider having varying terms, we will only show you policies which are valid products for your medical conditions and age.

    The easiest way to see which policies can offer you cover is by completing our straightforward quote proces

    How many times can you travel on an annual multi-trip policy?

    Our annual multi-trip policies can allow you to travel as many times as you like throughout your 12 months of cover

    When does an annual multi-trip policy start?

    Annual multi-trip policies cover you for 12 months from your chosen start date.

    You can purchase annual multi-trip policies up to 31 days in advance of your policy start date.

    Any claims you make before your chosen start date will not be covered; for example a claim for cancellation.

    You've bought a couple / family / group annual multi-trip policy. Can you all travel independently on this policy?

    Yes, our annual multi-trip policies do allow each listed person to travel individually, including to separate destinations.

    What is the age limit for an annual multi trip policy?

    AllClear has no upper age or lower limits.

    By running through a quote using our straightforward quote process, you’ll only be shown a list of providers who can cover your age category.

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