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    Questions on the premium

    What is an insurance premium?

    An insurance premium is an amount to be paid for a contract of insurance.

    Final prices

    Is the quote price the final price?

    For the information entered on the quote, yes.

    However if you make any further changes, this can affect the premium.

    If you have already bought your policy, see the help article, ‘Making changes to your cover.’

    Changing premiums

    Why is the premium higher after you redo a quote on another day?

    We calculate the premium taking into account the following factors:

    • the likelihood of your medical conditions needing treatment whilst abroad.
    • the health care costs of your chosen destination, and its distance from your Home Country should repatriation be needed.
    • level of benefits being offered to you.

    If your premium differs from the last time you received a quote, it could be that one or a number of these factors have changed.

    Why has your premium gone up, even though you have made no claims?

    Every policy is a new policy – the type of policies we provide do not reward our customers based on claims history.

    There are some importation aspects to consider when buying a new policy that will affect the price. For example; you are a year older; is the region you are travelling to the same?

    How the premium is calculated

    Our quotes take into account a number of factors which affect your level of risk and therefore the premium that is applied. This includes age, medical conditions, destination and duration.

    Our quotes vary per provider because most providers offer products with different levels of cover, excesses and upgrades. Please ensure that the policy you choose accurately reflects your needs.

    Why is your premium higher than your travelling partners?

    Even when you have the same trip details, the above factors for calculating your premium remain important. Especially the answers you provide about your medical conditions.