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    Winter sports

    Winter sports covered

    It’s common for policies to include cover for a variety of winter sports activities such as tobogganing, on and off-piste skiing, ice-skating and heli-skiing. On and off-piste skiing/snowboarding cover may require you to be accompanied by an instructor, so read the specific policy providers wording carefully.

    However, to be covered for these activities most policies require the addition of Winter Sports as an Optional Extra.

    Once you have chosen your preferred policy during the quote process, you will be able to add Optional Extras during the Extras section.  Please note Winter Sports will not appear if the traveller is aged 76 years or older.

    Age limit for winter sports cover

    The age limit for winter sports cover is only available to persons aged 66 years and under for AllClear Gold, Gold Plus and Traveller.

    Simply run through a quote and seek to add Winter Sports during the Extras section (after you have selected your preferred policy).

    When you have been able to include Winter Sports, the premium of your quote will adjust accordingly.

    Frequently asked questions on winter sports cover

    Winter sports

    Are you covered as a ski instructor or if you are going to a ski instructor school?

    Skiing and ski training can only be covered on a non-professional basis.

    Do we cover mountain rescue?

    Yes – we would look to cover such emergency medical evacuation costs under the medical expenses section of cover.

    This is on the basis it is medically necessary, and the activity you’re taking part in is accepted and included in the cover.