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    Using your account


    This help article is only relevant to you if you are a policyholder (you have actually bought a quote) and are trying to access the customer login.

    If you are only at the quote stage, you will not have access to the customer login. Providing you have saved your quote, you will be able to retrieve it. Please take a look at this help article.

    Finding your account number

    You will find your account number at the top right hand corner of the covering letter enclosing your policy schedule and policy booklet. This is prefixed with the first letter of the policy holders surname, followed by 6 numbers.

    If you still cannot find your account number, please contact us and we’ll find for you.

    Logging out

    The website will automatically log you out when you close the browser. You can also select logout on the login homepage (once logged in).

    How to print out your policy documents from your account

    Follow these steps to print out your policy documents:

    1. From our Home Page, select ‘Login’ on the right-hand side, and enter your login details to access your account.
    2. Select the button ‘My policies’, which is displayed under ‘Your policies’; the second sub-heading on your screen.
    3. Select the policy you wish to view, using your policy number as a reference.
    4. You will then be presented with a link to a PDF version of your policy documents, please select it.
    5. Hover your mouse over the right-hand side of the PDF document and an icon for a printer will appear, selecting it will provide you with printing options.

    Renewing your policy through your account

    Please read our ‘How to renew your policy‘ help article for more information on renewing.

    Please be aware that you will need to re-declare your medical conditions. Doing so helps us get the most up-to-date information on your health, and helps to ensure the success of any future claim.

    Making amendments to your policy via your account

    What changes are you able to make using your account login?

    You can update three details of your policy via your account:

    • Your home address
    • Your email address
    • Your Account password

    Once you have logged into your Account, the buttons to make theses changes are displayed under the section ‘Your personal details.’

    For any other changes, such as updating your medical details, you will need to contact us directly on +61 2 9333 3923. 

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