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    Saving, retrieving or printing your quotes


    This question is relevant for you if you are only at the quote stage.

    Save and buy later

    Can you save your quotes and buy the policy later?

    Yes, you can save your quotes online and later return to buy them. Make sure you actually click the ‘Save Quote’ button at the end of the quote journey, as shown below.

    save quote

    Be sure to make a note of the reference number that is provided at the end of the quote, as this will make it easier for you to find it again.

    If you have lost your quote reference number, we can find it for you. Please contact us.

    How long does your quote last?

    Your quote is saved online for 7 days. 

    Quotes from the Contact Centre are saved for 14 days. 

    Please note that quotes only have a guaranteed price up until midnight of the same day. However, your personal and medical details will be saved so you will not have to complete this information again to buy the policy.

    Please be aware that upon retrieving your quote, you will need to check that the information is accurate. If there are any material changes, e.g. you having a birthday, this can affect the price of your quote. Any changes to our rating system can also affect the price.

    You will need to retrieve your quote within the time frame above.

    Your quote information will be re-confirmed and once you have chosen your provider, you’ll be prompted to enter your  payment details.

    Save your quote

    Please note, you will ONLY be able to retrieve your quote, if you click the ‘Save Quote’ button once you have completed your quote. Otherwise, your quote will not be saved.

    Retrieving your quote

    How do you retrieve your quote?

    You can select the link from the email you received with your quote details to take you back into your quote.

    Alternatively, use the reference number and email address to retrieve on the website (you will find this under Quotes> Retrieve quotes).

    Printing your quote

    Can you print the questions/answers you’ve given in the quote?

    If you save your quotes you can retrieve them within 7 days and therefore review the answers that you gave that way.

    Once you have actually bought a policy, your medical declaration, including the answers you gave to the specific medical questions, will be included in your policy declaration. You can choose to have these policy documents emailed to you or you can have them posted. For more information, please look at our policy documents help article. 

    Not received your email quote

    Please check that you have entered your email address correctly as this is the main reason why an email doesn’t arrive.

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